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I Simply Can't

...well, cook constantly and post it all.

But this does mean I can post a list of excellent other internet resources. Though I cook and bake GF on a shoe-string, a few of these fellow bloggers have the time, as well as the funding, to use less Lenten ingredients.

Try Fine Cooks Mum Cooks GF>, who posts up a whirlwind of all-kinds of various in recipes, breakfast, lunches, dinners, etc. I believe she's based in the San Diego area, and thus, not too fare from my current location.

Another excellent resource is Carol at Simply Gluten Free, who also adds constant gluten-free giveaways to her content.

(More to be added.)

Recipe: In Need of Cinnamon and Sweet

( and possessing a passal of pears )

Sometimes, a part of me really misses sticky buns. Mostly, no, because I never felt well after eating them, but there is something naturally wonderful and warming about cinnamon, and chewy pastry.

Well, it's true, Udi's makes a fairly good cinnamon roll, and there are other local businesses that bake purely gluten-free baked goods (Cloud 9 located off of Rancho Viejo Rd. in San Juan Capistrano is one). But as a freelance writer and student, I don't carry the coin to afford the prices of pre-made GF sweets, and I like them in small amounts.

That being said, I began experimenting one morning. It was the usual sort of experiment: necessity based. I had run out of my homemade frozen waffles, and was looking at a single egg, and a drawer full of pears for breakfast. But I also had some Udi's burger buns stuffed into the back of the freezer from the JOY MISSION promotion and donations drive the company had right before Christmas.


The Breakfast Portable, Da?

[ re-blogged, from 2011 ]
[...] this is a recipe post. Sometimes, a portable breakfast is fairly necessary. But I don’t like how I feel when I rake myself along the edge of short-time, rushing. And as I need to eat gluten-free, eating out is nearly impossible safely and affordably.
Anyhow, this is an excellent solution to needing something quick, gluten-free, and good.
CORN BREAKFAST QUESADILLAS …sans cheese, so mansanadillas
2 corn tortillas ( Food for Life makes the most excellent sprouted corn tortillas) 1 tsp honey 1/2 banana 1/2 apple vanilla extract (optional)
Spread one tortilla with nut butter, and slice apple and banana over it. Spread the other with honey. Drip a bit of vanilla over the fruit side, if you want. Then comes the convenient multiple-prep options: either 1) cook in a frying pan a few minutes, or until browned, each side or 2) place in a toaster oven, and set to mid-high toasting range, flip about half-way through.
It makes an excellent, non-spillable, eat-with-one-hand s…

In the Hole: Dulcitas Gluten-Free Desserts

About a week ago, out shopping at Hanson's Market and I had the luck to run into a woman, arms bundled full of berry-bright, brightly packaged tarts. Now, usually this wouldn't be such a joy. In fact, occasionally those sort of run-ins are downers, as I glance at labels and note the first ingredient: UNBLEACHED WHEAT FLOUR.
To my surprise, these little buggers were pasted prominently with GLUTEN FREE stickers. We had a brief talk, as I told her my background, and she told me she was the mother of gluten-free tart-baker, whose business-beginning with cupcakes and catering of a Latin flavour--was moving into the gluten-free market.
"Are they baked in a dedicated gluten-free kitchen?" I asked, after hearing that the cupcakes were conventionally wheat-full and celiac-unsafe.
No, she said, but apparently the gluten-free products were baked on a set aside date, and after the entire kitchen had been cleaned out the day before.
(Being on the sensitive side to any contamination o…

A Beginning from Old Ends

Ciao a tutti!

I am a Celiac student and freelance writer, currently living in the Southern California region of the United States. I've been through a longhaul of a journey with Gluten-freeing myself. I can tell you, it is a longhual. I've re-learned how to eat, and reprogrammed my fear-responses in the brain not to fizz-out at any crumb, meal, or eating situation--which they did for quite a while.

A curious aspect I've found in the gluten-freeing is the identity facet: being ill, having one's meals utterly wiped out, learning a new way to live--all of this seems to change a person's self concept. Whether one is diagnosed gluten sensitive, celiac, or wheat allergic, the label sticks like GIG seal on GF bread, and I personally felt at times that I was reduced to a puddle, dribbling CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE all over the floor. I couldn't go out for pizza; I couldn't join a friend's family for dinner--I always had to ask, before snacking: 'Is it glut…