Quick-Fact-Nutrition: Do You Magnesium Supplement?

Magnesium: It's a mineral that your body gets wired without.

Or you could say, without magnesium, your head and muscular structure worries. Whichever way you want to phrase it, a system sans magnesium is a system without an off button -- and it goes from tight to tighter, until everything is rattling. Those with celiac often have difficulty absorbing nutrients, especially these trace minerals, due to the damage to the small intestine. But the greater part of the Western world tends to be deficient when it comes to this little relaxer.

Calcium -- kicked up and crowed from the rooftops by nutritionists and milk-industry-mavens alike -- gets all the promotion. We need calcium. Our bones need it. Our guts need it. What you don't hear, however, is that without magnesium, calcium doesn't function properly in your insides.

In other words: imbalance again. You're still rattled, worried, wired...and not absorbing the calcium either.

This is why supplements often make a radical …

[ Restaurant Review ] San Diego Gluten Free Eating: Nectarine Grove

I still want to hop back to Nectarine Grove. But it's being 3,000 miles away on the coast of California -- Encinitas to be precise -- makes hopping a challenge.

Gluten-free, grain-free, and incidentally but largely paleo,Nectarine Grove, nestled in a small storefront in sunny California, serves breakfast to dinner with local flare and fresh-to-order excellence. While the ambience is a bit orange and loud, the food is good.

Most of all, it's celiac safe.

Or second of all? It's a wrench to have to judge by "good eats" or "safe eats". Stopping by theGrove on a work trip to the West, I had the pleasure of being able to just eat,happily. Full stop.

The food here is a fusion of Cali-style Mexican, scrambles, and paleo pizzas and burgers. The front case is filled with cinnamon rolls, muffins, and cookies. Breakfast runs the gamut of french toast (oy, with dairy free lemon-ricotta cream!) to avocado toast (on some wicked thick bread).

Without a doubt, the highli…

[ RECIPE ] Cuban Fusion - Gluten Free Roast Chili Maple Pumpkin

In the States, one celebrates Thanksgiving. Sometimes, folk banter about the history, and get it terribly wrong -- and occasionally they get it right; and in between they banter about family history. (And that final item everyone gets wrong, and all argue about who's right.)

Invariably, people eat. They often eat a lot. I don't know if they eat anything particularly brilliant, I can't attend the nation's tables individually, but I hear the Food  is native to the Eastern seaboard, mainly. But then, since America is a wild muck-up of immigrants, who hodge-podged what they had with what they got, it's rather a toss-up as to where your food comes from.  (I have a friend whose family celebrates with ravioli. No prizes for guessing the country from which he hails.

Anyhow, pumpkin pops up rather a lot. Gluten-free! Except...Usually sickly sweet, or dredged in milk and egg and put in a gluten-full crust.  The egg and cream always sound excellent to me. But not the gluten. …

[ RECIPE ] Gluten-Free Carrot-Cumin'ed Cakes, & Jammy Onions

Savory griddle cakes. Sweet pancakes. Flat bread. ...Gluten free?


What an odd conglomeration.

Odd, but oddly excellent. Thisnjam of carrots, cumin, and crispy chickpea flour makes a wicked good griddle cake. It's naturally gluten-free, and comes off and out of the pan in a jiff.

I've now taken this recipe for a whirl on multiple occasions -- and it comes out beautifully in a myriad of manifestations -- utterly sans gluten. From carrot & onion base, to shredded fennel and leek, I haven't yet found combination that didn't please. We tested it first at the free community cooking class in Jamaica Plains.

CARROT-CUMIN'ED CAKES & JAMMY ONIONS N SQUASH [ gluten free, wheat-free, dairy-free, nut-free, soy-free shell-fish free ]
The sweetness of the delicata plays a perfect counterpoint to a carrot's more metallic bite, and softens the earthier flavors of cumin & cilantro in this quick plant-based fritter. 

:: ingredients ::

1/4 cup chickpea flour
3 org…

[ RECIPE ] Cherry-Cherry Calm Shake

Cherries already have a nutrient profile that aids in soothing the nervous system, and reducing imflammation. In the Summer, when the heat hits, calming nutrition aside cold sounds soothing enough. Smoothies and shakes make a mellow meal or snack -- and this chocolate cherry shake is one of the favourites of a former 8 year old client I coached through celiac diagnosis. Better still, it's simple, naturally gluten-free, and with the addition of magnesium calms a hyper kid as well as it soothes the hot out of an adult.

It's "cherry-cherry" good, to put it impishly.

And since celiacs are often deficient in magnesium, (a necessary mineral for balance both nerves and electrolytes), it was a key part of my -- and this 8 year old's -- recovery from celiac diagnosis.

Cherries, banana, cocoa (and zucchini if you want to toss in some vegetables that won't mangle the flavour), with a dash of magnesium powder (the Cherry flavoured Natural Vitality blend is certified GF, …

Blocking Celiac: Latest Research on Ending the Disease

Why is Celiac Disease so tricky to treat?

"When it became clear that even though the protein was abundant, its activity was nonexistent in a healthy organ, the question became 'What turns the protein on, and then what turns the protein off?'"

This is Professor Khosla, a leading researcher at Stanford University, who recently lead a team into a project focused on deactivating celiac disease-- and the protein,TG2.

But what's TG2, and why should it be turned off, or on, for anyone?
Celiac Disease has become more visible, and is both startling tricky and easy to treat. One in one-hundred is now diagnosed. And the therapy is a simple abstention from wheat, and any grain which contains gluten...for life.

...and yet the estimate of undiagnosed is a startling 83%. How many men and women eat gluten each day, without knowing it is setting off a chain reaction of autoimmune t-cells which wreck their small intestine?  Celiac disease, for a quick refresher, functions through the…

[ Restaurant Review ] Momi Nonmi, Boston, MA

Momi Nonmi, Inman Square: A wedge-shaped dusky-hued dining corner, Japanese sliding screens half-closed over the open kitchen, a bar a few stools long, a wide window onto the street where a booth makes the nook a window-seat eating experience -- Momi Nonmi has a small-world feel but a global creativity. Understatedly but professionally celiac-safe & gluten-free,  Momi serves a fusion-inspired menu, mostly Japanese, with riffs on Hawaiian and American classics. The food is slightly ostentatious, sometimes contrarily simple. The service is attentive. The company is excellent -- or it was when I went with a friend about a week ago.

(Not to mention, the dinner was preceded by watching the Mister Rogers documentary, Won't You Be My Neighbor? and if dinner can follow that and still impress, it's good.)

Personally, I love Japanese food, and the gentle rhythm of the sharing of small plates, the presentation of the food that seems to inspiring a slower pace in eating. Momi also ins…