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[ RECIPE ] Cherry-Cherry Calm Shake

Cherries already have a nutrient profile that aids in soothing the nervous system, and reducing imflammation. In the Summer, when the heat hits, calming nutrition aside cold sounds soothing enough. Smoothies and shakes make a mellow meal or snack -- and this chocolate cherry shake is one of the favourites of a former 8 year old client I coached through celiac diagnosis. Better still, it's simple, naturally gluten-free, and with the addition of magnesium calms a hyper kid as well as it soothes the hot out of an adult.

It's "cherry-cherry" good, to put it impishly.

And since celiacs are often deficient in magnesium, (a necessary mineral for balance both nerves and electrolytes), it was a key part of my -- and this 8 year old's -- recovery from celiac diagnosis.

Cherries, banana, cocoa (and zucchini if you want to toss in some vegetables that won't mangle the flavour), with a dash of magnesium powder (the Cherry flavoured Natural Vitality blend is certified GF, …

Blocking Celiac: Latest Research on Ending the Disease

Why is Celiac Disease so tricky to treat?

"When it became clear that even though the protein was abundant, its activity was nonexistent in a healthy organ, the question became 'What turns the protein on, and then what turns the protein off?'"

This is Professor Khosla, a leading researcher at Stanford University, who recently lead a team into a project focused on deactivating celiac disease-- and the protein,TG2.

But what's TG2, and why should it be turned off, or on, for anyone?
Celiac Disease has become more visible, and is both startling tricky and easy to treat. One in one-hundred is now diagnosed. And the therapy is a simple abstention from wheat, and any grain which contains gluten...for life.

...and yet the estimate of undiagnosed is a startling 83%. How many men and women eat gluten each day, without knowing it is setting off a chain reaction of autoimmune t-cells which wreck their small intestine?  Celiac disease, for a quick refresher, functions through the…