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Join Me at the Gluten Free Expo (GFAFExpo), Worcester, July 21-22!

A weekend away, with food you can eat, and educational seminars on all things gluten-free and allergen-friendly -- isn't that a break and more than a half? The Gluten Free Allergen Friendly Expo is back in New England, July 22-23, and I'm giving away 6 tickets!

Join me?
10:00 am – 4:00 pm on Saturday the 21sd 10:00 am – 3:00 pm on Sunday the 22nd To purchase tickets: Purchase here (click the link)

Either for one day or both, the conference hall is well worth a day if you have celiac, or other food restrictions.

But what I love most about these events is the human connections I make.

Recovery from a food-related disease or allergy and joy, come mainly through our relationships: it's doubly important that we get to connect at these events. We get to meet with the local community, with farmers and medical professionals , local restaurants and gluten free brands. That kind of connection is what guarantees the food isn't just labeled gluten-free. That connection is wh…

PRODUCT REVIEW: Mikey's Tortillas, Que Bueno, Guey [ Paleo, GF ]

Mikey's [ ]

"I think we have... oh my word, CJ. I don't know if we have anything. Can you eat a tomato? We have brats - -wait, they have gluten in the filler."

I got off the bus, and in the door where I was staying in St Louis, and I was hungry. Yes, I could eat tomato. But just tomato?

This is how I encountered Mikey's Tortillas.

Digging through my host's freezer -- at her behest -- voila! "What are those? Oh! That's when so-and-so visited..." An entire packaged of gluten-free tortillas.

I've always enjoyed corn tortillas. They're naturally gluten-free; made traditionally, they have that fresh lime-tang offset by a mellow sweetness.

But gluten-free, one doesn't often get a tortilla anything like the small flour ones, those chewy bases  for flautas, hand-sized burritos, and various other and sundry Northern American-Latin fusion food. Mikeys -- grain-free, gluten-free, a…