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When a Merry Christmas Isn't: Celiac Chat on Life

When the days are snowy and bright, but the tables are piled with celiac blight. Christmas-tide is full of food. What time isn't? But that's a good thing...unless you have a disorder which makes the larger portion of the food not just inedible, but dangerous.

Perhaps a greater challenge in a holiday season is the focus on food, for feasts require feasting, and that means edibles. But the Western tradition is heaped high with edibles inedible to us.

It does make a wicked opportunity for creativity.

...or a wicked excuse for isolation.

When a happy Christmas isn't happy, it's time to troubleshoot.

Chat about your challenges with a friend
Find something new to do or try
Disorders are ditches in our lives, not the roads

This season, I met up for a date at a little cafe around the corner from St Paul's near Harvard. As we unbundled, and ordered tea & coffee, gluten free came up.
"Seriously," I quipped after a fairly blase remark from him, "You have a su…

Recipe: Chia Chai Pumpkin Mousse, & Gluten Free Griddle Cakes

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Every year when Winter whips in, the kitchen is cold, and even when it warms up with the oven on or  the heat seeping up from the lower-neighbour's flat, it isn't the time to eat cold too.

Bodies, I think, know that cold is dangerous in the Northeast.

Probably because it is.

Nu Naturals, a lovely little family-owned company I met while visiting California for work last year, makes syrups that are gluten-free and vegan. Since I have a dairy-protein-allergy on top of celiac, this is a wicked boon to me; and I spent a few mornings making warm food and playing with the Chair, Cocoa, and Pumpkin Spice syrups, along with the cocoa powder and my own chia seeds.

Also, egg white protein, because I got a bloody good deal on a heap of it off of Amazon from another celiac-safe company, Now Foods.

Anyhow, warm eats are celiac-can't-be-beats. (Didn't you know warm food is easier on the guts?)

This Chi…