Recap Gluten Free Wellness Event 2017, Hartford! (giveaway)

All the way to Hartford from Boston? For good reason!

The day-long Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Event, at the Hartford Holiday Inn September 30th, showcased an array of local food purveyors, and posed as the venue for a wonderful line-up of celiac advocates & health speakers!

I had the privilege of speaking too: Integrating Gut Healing Nutrition into Your Day to Day to Routine. (If you joined me, and would like the slides or notes, just send along an email.)

What's more important than gut healing nutrition and variety if you have celiac?

I think what Nikki's GFAF Wellness Events say so well is that: nothing is -- except community. Eat well. Yes. But don't do it alone.

Highlights of the event were Jen Cuevas's presentation -- her gluten-free recovery story is touching, as well as full of experience extraordinarily helpful to anyone undergoing multiple health and food related illnesses.

But her products, a huge list of paleo, gluten free goods (including CAKE ...amongst other things) are so bloody good. Organic, and all homemade, each item is worth its weight.

She had samples of Power Cookies (raw and gluten free, maple syrup-sweetened), Stuffing Mix, Cookies...and GF Communion Wafers, suitable for any Christian sect, except Catholic or Orthodox.

But if you're looking for support as a mother or caregiver with kids who have celiac or food allergies, check out Colleen Brunetti. I loved her upcoming storybook about a child whose superpowers disappear...because of food (Aidan the Wonder Kid).

His allergy or autoimmune response is comparable to Superman's reaction to kryptonite. The illustrations are quirky and colorful, and the story a great way to teach about food intolerance, to kids who have it, or kids who don't. (Colleen herself has a story that's inspiring. I'll probably be reading her book, Defining the New Normal, and blogging on it soon. Her trip through an illness doctors predicted would kill her in months has given her a lot of balance and wisdom -- and strength to share.)

Also, repping for New England celiac-good-eats, was Raw Food Central. I loved this company's naturally gluten-free raw snacks, from their Cashew Crunch Crackers (savory and a bit sweet, with the perfect crunch) to the Kale Chips. Again, Raw Food is local, vegan, and one of those companies whose care extends beyond business into community.

Finally, but not last in the least, another food-find:

MiTierra Traditional Corn Tortillas. If I could jump up and down on the screen, you'd see me JUMPING LIKE A BLOOMING BEAN. I loved these perfect corn rounds from New England-local team, Gorge and Michael.

Sweet and nutty, with the classic corn crisp and chew, not only are these tortillas delicious, they're made from stalk to plate by MiTierra. Corn grown. Ground. Mixed with lime and water. Griddled. Packed. Served.

I'm not sure I've ever found a real corn tortilla in New England.

But I can be sure one of the best naturally gluten-free eats on the planet is the traditional Mexican corn tortilla.

MiTierra would have been worth attending the GFAF Event alone.

You can find them in many if not all Northeast Whole Foods Markets, and many small independent shops across Massachusetts & Connecticut.

A second finally:

If you're looking for more local New England resources, Burton's Restaurant takes great care to provide celiac-safe and allergen-free eating at their eateries (and showed off a simple beet salad and flourless chocolate cake); Pasta Goddess even makes a GF and dairy-free ravioli, and Dee's One Smart Cookie (based in Southern CT) makes every baked good on the planet.

But in the end, I recommend the simple: MiTierra, Nikki's holistic approach to building community around food, not building food empires to feed off communities, and stories like Colleen's and Jen's.

Win a GFAF Event Taco Party!

Comment below: What would you do with a dozen organic, traditional corn tortillas?
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