Gut-Healing Tips: Eat It Slowly

When you're hungry, it's hard to eat slowly. When I'm hungry and busy, it's even harder to eat slowly  - and I began lunch with hiking pals a week ago with a busy brain, in a hunger rush, body still flying and in flux.

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Celiac Disease, as you may know, damages the gut. As an autoimmune disorder, it is directly linked to our body's stress response. But what many people don't know in our rush-mad-product-over-person-culture is that, celiac or not, a rushed meal is an ouch meal on the tum.

Stop, I told myself.

Food is meant to nourish and heal. But goods have to be received before they do us any good.

Science as well as tradition, in tandem with a multitude of anectdotal evidence, show that eating slowly heals and supports digestion.

One aspect of eating slowly that is immediately clear in its digestive good is CHEWING. Amylase, tge enzyme that processes carbohydrates, is generated in the mouth in saliva. Don't chew? You don't get it.

So I slowed down, and breathed a few times as my buddies ploughed on.
Packing the food pre-hike

But I was still pleasantly present to them, and to the spinning-orange-leaves papering the ground around my toes.

What I'd packed also tasted better. Or I'd be more accurate in saying, I tasted tee homemade red pepper hummus and roasted squash I'd poured into a gluten-free pita with sprouts, rice, tomato, greens, and cauliflower.

Eat slowly. Heal fast. Enjoy life more. Let the gluten free sink in, instead of skim off the rim of an upset gut.

People don't sleep deeply or well if they rush. Can you imagine trying to sleep, and work, and have a conversation at the sane time?

Digestion is another process that deserves attention,  and the trust of stillness AND presence (but hey, not perfection - just remember to chew).

As a celiac, it's keenly important. As anyone, it's worth the pleasure of a settled stomach and good digestion, & the opportunity to really taste your food.

On the tail end of that thought, I'm going UNPROCESSED in October. Hop on over to the details HERE - it may be another creative way to slow down.

Tumbling Free,



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