Going to a Safe Camp When You Have Celiac

Camp with celiac disease?  I thought, this is probably the beginning a joke. Camp with a gluten free diet?  Actually, yes: 

I never went to camp with celiac disease. But how could a child -- or adult -- attend camp with a medically prescribed gluten free diet? This year, as an adult and nutritionist...no, really just as a big celiac kid, I connected with the founders of Celiac Strong Camp based in upstate New York, to volunteer.

The camp runs this year from August 9th to August 12th in Hunt, NY: and it is wholly and completely gluten-free.

It delights me off the map. If I couldn't go as a kid, I can go as an adult -- and make the opportunity available to heaps of kids who wouldn't otherwise get a chance to experience all the adventure. Er. Sometimes inconvenience too. But what is an adventure but one great inconcenience we've decided to enjoy?

Anyhow, Celiac Strong Camp, founded 4 years ago by Sabrina DeVoss (who was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2003 as a six year old), is strictly volunteer-lead, and is a national non-profit. (Please pitch  in here if you can to participate in my volunteer adventure -- gas and time both cost! although I expect to get back reams by way of priceless experience.) It has run 4 years strong, and Sabrina is now 19 -- and still coming back, of course.

Canyon Bakehouse, Namaste Baking Mixes, and Wegmans, amongst others, have supported the endeavor by donating certified gluten-free food to camp, and I'm hoping to get some other celiac-supportive companies involved in 2018 after I experience it this year.

Ready to camp? Celiac-style?

Um. Seriously. YES.

Tumbling free into camp!



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