[ Recipe] Gluten-Free Thin Mint Smoothie

w00t! What's better, Boston, than Spring? Well, if it's edible, a smoothie that tastes like a thin mint, and is celiac-safe.

This smoothie is  a flash-in-the-pan freelance whirl that turned out mad-good, quite accidentally. I threw in what I had -- and what I had is exactly what I needed. Though crivens knows, I don't always know I have everything I need until I start pulling all the bits together; and I suppose that's as good a metaphor for living life in the present moment as any.

It fits my life, too. This Spring, I've pulled together quite a lot of pieces -- from my nutrition consulting and graduate study, to putting in the time to speak Welsh, and to travel -- to  a new position editing a human-rights-based advocacy journal and surrendering to the disappointment in my health. Inumerable odds and ends. But each odd and end is what I had and have; and each experience, talent, and  challenge -- including celiac disease  -- have been all-kinds valuable.

For this smoothie, odds and ends too. Nothing so valuable as soul-moulding disappointment, or the beauty of Welsh. All the same, odds and ends, and using what I have does it.

It tastes like a thin mint, no thinness, thin mints, gluten, or girl scouts required.  Better yet, it's full of odds and ends that sound, well, very odd and end-like: but all together, and with the gluten-free/dairy-free syrup (not so easy to find, blinkers), they make a shake one could stake any kid's tastebuds on.

So ho! for odds and ends, and making-do, doing-makes. It's action that makes smoothies, and action that makes life, and for all the mad thinking I've done in my philosophy degree, the only way to make a philosophy in the end is acting on the ideas too.

I should call this "Applied Philosophy" Shake or "YOU GOT WHAT YOU USE": but neither of those is a taste, and it don't do anything to describe the flavor.

It tastes like a thin mint.

So 'tis a Gluten Free Thin Mint Smoothie

As I told some  of the kids I work with recently, it's all sugar-free, fructose-free, dairy-free, vegan -- and since it's full of wholefood odds and ends, it's naturally full of nourishment.  (Not that they were too impressed -- they were much more impressed by my Pikachu t-shirt, which shows they have solid good sense. I agree with them.)

You need pikachus too for a whole life, as well as whole food. We can take the healing right out of a meal by eating it because it's good, instead of eating because eating is good.

I do encourage: Make a mad-batch of them, and celebrate your odds and ends. Or I should say, I'm making mad batches of them to celebrate this week my odds-and-ends -- or odds-and-beginnings, too. And pikachus.

[ vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, grain-free ]
makes approximately 3 servings 

:; ingredients::

2 small carrots, diced and steamed
1 cup steamed greens
1/2 cup frozen butternut squash
1/2 cup baked squash or pumpkin
1 tbsp Cocoa Mint Syrup (Nu Naturals)
1 tsp Ginger Syrup (Nu Naturals)
1 small baked sweet potato (frozen or unfrozen)
3/4 cup coconut milk (either full fat or So Delicious Vanilla -- both work well)
1 tsp Peanut Pro Nuttzo Nut Butter
plus 1 tsp reserved to drizzle
optional: Vega Mocha Protein or
 Garden of Life Raw Chocolate Plant Protein
optional: raw cacao nibs or mini chocolate chips

ice to taste

:: directions ::

Layer a good blender with greens, carrots, ice, squash, syrup, and sweet potato. Add nut butter.
Blend on high, adding liquid or ice to adjust consistency. 
Blend until smooth. Pour into tall glasses, garnish with drizzled nuttzo
or optional nibs.
Serve cold with a straw.

And it tastes like a blooming cookie. Without cookies, crumbs, or even grains. The nuttzo does it for crunch, and if you choose to add the protein like me, you have a full meal as far as nourishment...except it might need pikachus.

Tumbling free!


Tried it?
Leave a photo! I'd love to see.



    No. No picture bc I ate so fast. Haha. Bottom of the glass isn't very pretty!

  2. This looks really good. Where do you get the Nuttzo? I can't find it near me.

    1. I order from Thrive Market, sometimes, when it's not available in store. What region are you located in? Nuttzo is even in many Costcos in the US.



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