A Spring, Sustainable (Or Celiac, Stevia, and Waste-Free Brunching)

It's no good to waste food, especially when it's gluten free. Eating with celiac costs me more coin often, and more often than coin it costs me time, but celiac or otherwise food waste wastes resource, demonstrates a carelessness with wealth, and can make or break a shoestring budget.

I've been noticing the abundance of Spring in Beantown. Buds are bursting. Not too long, and farm-stands and farmer's markets will be bursting too with green, and gold, and red-white-blue festivity of BERRIES. It will also be Earth Day.

And this week, I got both a package and crate. The package was from Nu Naturals, (http://www.nunaturals.com/blogs/recipes/earth-day-recipesa family-owned company that makes supplements, and stevia-based-syrups, whom I met at Expo West in Anaheim. They're partnering this month with Earth Day Org & donating $1 for every order they receive April 1 - 30. Each dollar guarantees a tree-planted, and awareness spread of how important our stewardship of our resources really is.

The crate was "compost" from Whole Foods. You probably picture banana peels, egg shells, rotting greens.


Fresh, crisp lettuce, fennel fronds, carrots (of peculiar shape),  a few bruised zucchini, and a loose baby bok-choy, who seemed like happy baby to me. Baby green, at least.

It was all slated to be dumped. Doing follow-up with another small local market, I was told by their produce manager that they toss 2-10 tons of edible produce and "past expiration" meat per week.

Wasted. Not even the wilty bits, most of it.

I've been in a place where I've stood in line at food pantries, had friends grab me groceries -- and with that background, seeing the pound upon pound of wasted food dumped gives me an urgent desire to dumpster-dive. Rubbish! that it's not.

As I meandered home after the questioning-of-the-produce manager, I imagined I could make a bloody shoestring-budget-busting amazing gluten-free brunch playing with Nu Naturals array of cocoa, collagens, and syrups...and a crate full of food waste.

Nu sent a box of this:

Their stevia syrups are sugar-free, and chemical free, and of course, gluten-free. From Vanilla, to Vanilla-Ginger to Cocoa. Their rich dark cocoa looked like a wicked good addition to a nut-butter spread or drizzle (it was), and the array of peppermint, vanilla, and lemon stevia-extracts (using essential oils or pure extract) -- are made precisely for something like this: making the simple taste like a feast.

While using food "waste", I shoestringed a budget, and with Nu, could support giving back to the environment that is not simply an accessory on my keychain. Our Earth is our womb. It's the organ that pumps us air, that nourishes our bodies through its incredibly diverse ability to produce plant-edibles...

...and eating gluten-free, on a "restricted" diet, I'm all the more aware of how valuable this diversity of life and resource is.

Part of the gluten-free brunch: Sweet-Lemon Dressed (with Nu's stevia extract)
Fennel + Onion Tossed GF Pasta
Neither money nor food should be taken for granted. I can't take either for granted with my history, and I hope I never will be so blinded by wealth or busyness that I forget that my choices -- wasteful or grateful -- are what sustain the beauty of the world, not only for me but for all others.

Eating a fusion of gluten-free, stellar goods from Nu and the "waste" of wealthy Beantown markets made my week.  I don't really have to sacrifice to take care of what I'm given. In fact, I'm sacrificing more if I don't take notice, and if I don't take care -- I'm sacrificing others to my convenience, I'm sacrificing my future, I'm sacrificing my integrity.

And I'm missing out on the huge enjoyment of finding beauty and resource in unlikely places. Even compost crates. (Although my rabbit got a bit of the bottom bits of that crate).

Nu is also making a point to give back. I've loved getting to know their company, and I'd like you to get to know them too. Live simply, said Mother Teresa, so that others may simply live.

Simple Ginger-Vanilla Crepes based in compost-bound
zucchini, with Nu's Ginger-Vanilla Syrup
I'd echo, but say: Eat simply, that others may simply eat.

And eating simply is par for the course with celiac -- especially in the beginning -- but what I loved about playing with Nu Naturals was that a simple syrup, extract, or powder made a throwaway-produce-and-product-based creative meal taste like cloud 9.

Oy, how can you lose?

To put a pun on that: Actually, how can you WIN.  Four individuals will receive a gift basket of the SUGAR-FREE GINGER SYRUP, 16oz, one bottle of the SUGAR-FREE COCOA SYRUP, 16oz, one box of the NuSTEVIA NO CARB PACKETS, 50 ct, and a bottle of our ALCOHOL FREE VANILLA STEVIA LIQUID, 2 oz.  In addition, each of you 4 winners will also receive a free bonus item!

But also, please place  an order during April. Or support Rehumanize International or Food For Free, both non-profits which don't stand for throwing people out like waste, or wasting goods like our world and our food.

 Sustainable, stewardship-based living makes shoestring-living less about deprivation, and more about all of our free choices to live and eat simply, so that others may simply live and be nourished.

*CELIAC WARNING/NOTE: Nu products are naturally gluten-free. However, their oat fibre is neither purity-grown nor purity-protocol tested.

Tumbling Free,



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