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Product Review and Giveaway
B-Free Gluten Free Foods

As brilliant as bread can be -- and it can be mighty brilliant if you have celiac disease, or mighty bleak -- B-Free Foods from Ireland has pleased my palate more than any new food this last year you can get out of package.

Better though than finding their breads in the Spring was finding their wraps, bagels, pitas, and rolls.

When we weigh a gluten-free bread on the scale of palatable to perfect, the criteria usually run like so: Crumbly? Edible sans toasting? After-taste? For a tortilla or wrap: Pliable? Roll-able? Soggy?  And finally, for a bagel: Size? Chew? Crust?

But perhaps just as important is what's in the bread?

Because as celiacs, we often don't just need gluten-free, we need something soy-free and dairy-free, egg-free or corn-free.

B-Free Foods truly is free, and what goes into each item is brilliant; what's not in each item is just as impressive.

So this bread is big.

A photo posted by @bfreefoods on

See? Sandwich-sized and then-some.  Consistent texture, and good body, the Seeded Sandwich bread has wonderful nutty undertone, while the White Sandwich manages sweetness without a gram of added sugar.

That's HALF a slice
waiting for the
Tuna Salad topping

In regard to what's in it being as impressive as what's not:  B-Free is plugging up a hole in the market of gluten-free goods: the hole where we good-flavour/no-nutrition. or no-flavour+quality/lots-of-nutrition The ingredients in B-Free products are a high-protein, multi-grain and pulse blend that uses pea-and-potato proteins (always non-gmo), and a buckwheat and quinoa flour blend that makes even the enormous sandwich slices light on the calories and carbs. Although I don't worry about calories, it's encouraging to see a product based in high-nutrition without the often-gluten-free-galumph of filler calories or additives.

Even a diabetic like my grandmum  and my diabetic-celiac friend, Brianna (A Different Survival Guide Blog) can eat these breads and bagels without worry.

In sum, B-Free is free of all I can't eat, full of what I can, and better than breads I vaguely miss from pre-celiac-diagnosis. You can't explain pleasure or relief by pegging up a list of a gluten-free product's attributes. I've tried. Ultimately, B-Free gives me a good dose of a the feeling of freedom and peace around food -- priceless for a celiac -- while also offering an impressively low-carb, non-gmo, sugar-free, top-allergen-free, high-protein line of bread, bagels, wraps, and rolls.

Hope you'll enter the giveaway and try some, mates.


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This bread is celiac-strong.


Taste/Texture: A brilliant balance, with enough body to chew, but light and fluffy as well. No holes! The bagels have a great smoothness, not classically NY-style, but uniquely solid, no slipping into the pitfall of bready-bland or rock-hard-heaviness. I love the wraps: chewy, flexible, toastable, wrappable, wonderful.

Availability:  Now available in some major markets in the U.S. In the Northeast, I've found B-Free in Shaws/Star Market.

Shoestring-Budget-Friendly?: Like most packaged foods, no. But for how much bread you get vs. price, they're generally cheaper than Udi's or Canyon Gluten Free.

Non-GMO/Organic: Non-GMO, yes. Organic, no; not certified.

Celiac-Safe?: YES. Like a BOSS. Certified, and the Irish are even more stringent in their labeling than the U.S.

Tumbling Free,



  1. I so miss WHEAT TORTILLAS WRAPPING CHEESE i'd give almost anything for another tortilla and cheese. Are the bfree wraps like a big tortilla? i use to wrap up cheese and apples and mayo i know it sounds ick right.

  2. Replies
    1. Ellen,

      Me too! Sometimes english muffins especially. B-Free rolls are actually rather decent muffin substitutes.


  3. I miss sandwich wraps!! The gluten free ones are often too stiff and break too easily.

  4. Thanks for your comments and entries! Due to some commenting glitches, I took email entries as well. But Gluten Free and Glittery and Fran -- you're the winners! I'll be emailing you this week to get your contact information for your prizes.



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