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Either from celiac, or other digestive ills or food allergies, we have a serious stake in what helps us absorb nourishment. In my consulting work, I've been covering a wide array of topics related to gut health. How does it affect the rest of our body? What is gut health? Why does it deteriorate? More importantly, what food preparation and meal-time practises aid the digestion and heal the gut? Inflammation is an immediate threat to the gut -- whether it begins there or not. Often, the way we live our lives -- while not causing disease directly -- contributes to it. Anxiety. Overwork. Isolation. Untreated or undiagnosed celiac disease or NCGS.  Gluten itself is inflammatory.

So if all of these things make digestion harder, what has been my goal in my consulting sessions? To toss out and explain a multitude of gut healing options. Because if something is wounded, the first step to health and recovery is addressing and healing the wound.

So we've got wounded guts. So there are countless ways to soothe those guts, and promote balance. So where do you start?

I started with a common one for a lot of the people I work with: Smoothies.

Do you drink smoothies? I do. Smoothies can be a great way to aid digestion because the ingredients, when blended, are almost pre-digested to a point.

But, "It makes my tummy hurt!" I got from one 7 year old, and "I don't know, I still feel tired. MORE TIRED even" from a fellow young professional, and "I love the taste, but I just keep thinking I don't really want another one..."

If smoothies aren't cutting it for you, this may be why: Are they raw?

Our bodies are made to digest food to a point. But raw food is naturally harder on the digestive tract. Raw food is harder to assimilate, and the nutrients -- while intact -- aren't always available, especially to a compromised system.

If you have celiac, it's highly possible you're not just struggling to digest the raw food, you're expending more energy on it than it's really giving you. (Another result of raw foods, especially raw crucifers such as kale and broccoli, is that they can over-burden the hormonal system and throw your thyroid out of whack.

These last few weeks, I've been making smoothies. I've been advising my consulting session peeps to make smoothies. But I've been making smoothies cooked.

Give it a whirl -- or a blend. Try out the recipe for a Butterbeer Shake, and see if it doesn't agree with your tummy a bit more. I can tell you one thing for certain. Steamed and cooked squash and spinach are hugely gut-healing, balancing fibre and an enormous dose of natural vitamin A. The coconut oil similarly soothes, and balances gut flora, killing bacterially overgrowth.

And even the 7 year old loved it.

So, Gut Healing One-Shot of the week is  cook yo' smoothie, and tumble a bit freer: more energized, more supported, more nourished. Cooked foods soothe, and cold sets on edge -- so go easy on the ice as well.

[  serves 4 ]
 dairy-free, gluten-free, peanut and soy-free
blend of chocolate, butter-infused coconut oil, smooth squash

:: ingredients ::

1/2 cup Butternut or Kabocha squash
2 large baked bananas, frozen
1 cup frozen spinach, thawed and steamed
2 scoops Smooth Chocolate Plant Protein (Garden of Life)
1 tsp Now Foods Butter Infused Organic Coconut Oil
( + more for drizzle)
1/2 cup Orgain Almond Milk
1 tsp Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

ice to taste / for texture

:: directions ::

For best results, add baked squash and spinach first, then frozen banana,
ice, protein powder and melted oil.
Blend until smooth, adding additional milk or water to adjust consistency.
This smoothie/shake is extremely creamy -- the squash and banana serve for that --
and comes out rather muddy green. 
Serve sprinkled with chocolate chips and drizzled with more coconut oil.

The cider vinegar is also a great gut-boost.
The taste of this shake is healing in itself.

Not to mention, it's BUTTERBEER, mates. You can serve these at a Harry Potter Potluck too, at a themed b-day, or for a great movie night with popcorn.

Healing a gut isn't one-angle affair, and enjoying food, and sharing it definitely double recovery, and heal emotions knotted up with the struggle of disease and diagnosis as well.

I'm not sure the topic for next week's One-Shot, but feel free to chip in!  What do you want to know about healing your digestion?

Tumbling Free!



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