Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo: Boston 2015!

The Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo is headed next to Boston July 25, 2015. A whole weekend of gluten-free food, educational seminars, and opportunities to mix and mingle with fellow Celiacs -- it doesn't get much better.  Be surrounded by food without fear? Oh yes.  Because not a crumb will contain gluten.

It's headed to Boston, but I'm glad I don't have to head anywhere much to get there, because I've been on the road enough in the last few months!  If you want good food, good company, and a fun Summer weekend, join me! I'm giving away free tickets to a lucky winner below.

Wondering just what you'll find at the expo center for two full days?


The Expo shells out a free sample bag on admission, full of coupons and packaged gluten-free, allergen-free snacks.

Find a free cooking class with professional cook, Oonagh Williams, who cooks from scratch and makes naturally gluten-free treats and baked goods.

Get the lowdown on gluten in medication from Thomas Keogh found. (Oy, medications do contain gluten. But they aren't required to disclose it.)


I am especially anticipating some of the vendors!  Celiac-friendly Way Better Snacks will be there, with their sprouted, organic/non-GMO chips (or crisps, if you will).  Staple in my travels, and on the affordable side of solid snacking, Way Better is actually...pretty much way better.  Nutritionally and taste-wise.  They're also a company that keeps up by doing good, not just making good food, and they treat their community with attention and generosity. (They even sent me free chips when I was ill.)

Also, I'll finally get to run into Otto's Cassava Flour! It's a grain free gluten-free powerhouse that has the nutrition community and Celiac bakers of the world buzzing.

The GFAF Expo will also showcase the local gluten-free scene.  It's well worth a gander if only to find out what's in your own backyard!  Check out free food from Wegmans, New Hampshire-based Gluten-Free Territory, and a passal of others.

As a a member of the featured blogger team, I get the privilege of giving away FREE tickets, and discounts!

Up until June 26,
get 30% off
with HERE.
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EVERY attendee purchasing through Tumbling Gluten Free will receive a FREE 1 year subscription to Delight Gluten Free Magazine!

Want to win a free entry? 

That's a lot of swag to give away.  Know that I've had a blast the last couple of Expos I've attended.  Aside from the fun of the event, you generally end up with a good bag or two of samples, and hugely discounted-usually-prohibitively-expensive products.

I'm encouraging all of my clients, especially those with Celiac Disease, to pop on over.  What's the best way to tumble free of the feeling of restriction when your gut won't take gluten?  Get out, get into community, and enjoy life.

At the GFAF Expo, you can do it all.  And you can enjoy it freely, without worrying about cross-contamination or feeding yourself for a day.


Good people.

Fun times.

See you there?

Tumbling free,



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