CDF Expo Recap: Part Two Into Celiac Foodscape and Finds (and GIVEAWAY)

This is the food-scape of the CDF Expo, Sunday, all day.  There was enough food there to feed an army, but I wanted to highlight some of my favorites -- both new and old-campaigners in the Celiac and whole-food brand arena.

My apologies for the hiatus -- I've been sick. And that is for another post on celiac recovery, and life - limping, lilting, or lancing as it does.

Authentic Food's founder, Steve, has just developed a new flour blend claiming to get true rise out of bread.  And the bread did bloom, or at least, the dough did.

The samples had the chew of pull-apart baguettes, but not quite the flavor and lightness that Cloud 9 manages (beyond all explaining that bread. Order it online if you don't believe me.)

But his flour blends -- especially the Garfava -- are some of the best quality in gluten-free options for baking on the market.

Better than the bread was AF's informational session detailing cross-contamination, cooking, and shared kitchens.

A brill new waffle and pancake mix from Nicole's.  Enthusiastic like a fox-on-fire -- she beat this blend until she got her non-gluten-intolerant household on board. More than that, she perfected it to the point they prefer the gluten-free to the old-wheat-go-to.  I don't blame them.  The waffle samples had the texture and hold of a traditional waffle, with a caramel-like sweet tingling as aftertaste -- and they didn't even need the syrup.

Then there was...

Mesquite Flour.  I love wild and weird and experimental ingredients.  But er, no, I didn't know it could be a bean, let alone a flour. But it fit fantastic into exploratory gluten-free good -- not to mention whole and simple food.  Better yet, dry and uncooked even, this flour tastes like powdered brownie.

Quite a few local companies on the move as well, with celiac-diets in their sights. YES Bar is Los Angeles based.  Here 'tis: a round of nuts, seeds, raw cocoa.  I may not budget bars into my grocery bill regularly (apart from the leap for a GoodOnYa Bar when necessity and won't occasion) and there is a  bountiful blow-up of bars on the gluten-free market. But these chilled?  Oy! Tumbling into happy taste-buds. Also -- make ice cream sandwiches with them.

Hodgon's Mills now makes more and more organic, not just gluten-free.  These quinoa blends look excellent, but we'll know once I steam them.

and the Spicy Rice and Quinoa is in my Cilantro-Lime Chili.  I was pleased to see they'd gone not just gluten-free, but simple: organic, non-gmo, clean.

Perhaps my favorites of the food offerings, though, were a final three: SoDelicious, Pure Pantry, and Amy's Pizza.  All in the line of convenience food, packaged and more expensive.  But unlike a lot of packaged stuffs, none of these brands packages careless, crummy, or chemical-crapped ingredients.

And pizza!

Pizza!  Nikki and I whipped back some…er, few times to sample the gluten and dairy-free Spinach Pizza. It's nearly as good as the top-tier pie offered in restaurant by True Food Kitchen, and it comes out of a bloody box.  Amy's is lovely.  And I love their branding, philosophy, and story. And their owner. (Check out her story on their site -- and if you were there, you met her. I hope.)

SoDelicious: Mocha Almond Fudge Bars. The best writing is that which leaves silences, and spaces between. So it is with food-writing too. So a silence for these ice creams that are dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, and which I enjoyed beyond measure.

And Pure Pantry. Nikki ate as many sugar cookie samples as she could get in her hand. After she tried the first. The Pure Pantry makes amazing baking mixes, partially organic, non-gmo, dairy-free.  I ate their cake for my last birthday, and it was the first cake that felt like cake since my diagnosis -- not just cake, but CAKE.

One can go wrong even with Dark Chocolate --  The Pure Pantry goes very right.

I also discovered Nairn's Oat Cakes…which I had only ever seen in the UK. And as not celiac/coeliac-safe.

Mary's Gone Crackers now has graham crackers. Much the best I've tried or made yet.

The Way Better Chips:
like so many foxes

There was also Way Better Snacks with Mustard Chips.  It may sound peculiar, but it isn't. It's a flavor the flavor-floor has been missing, and just hadn't got a name to peg it on yet.

And near the end, I tried some wonderful light cakes made of purely Japanese rice flour from KeijoSeifun--although I can't find the card they gave me.  Look them up online, please. And if you're in the Southern California area, find them at 99 Ranch or Mistuwa's Markets.

A few products I did't highlight are old standby's. Lucy's makes a lovely packaged gluten-free cookie in. Glutino has a standout pretzel -- if you're looking for what tastes like those traditional bagged crisps you may have eaten prior to celiac diagnosis.  And I forgot to mention Freedom Foods and (ups) (Intelligent Protein Snacks).  But they were all over-the-top excellent in burying me samples, and adding Nairn's to that, I wanted to give my readers a chance to try some of the offerings -- since it's not always possible to get there and be there and get them in person.

So toss in your name for a chance to win the sample pack!  It includes Freedom Food's SMUDGE, a wholly allergen-free Nutella-like chocolate spread, one Pamela's Chocolate Cookie, Lucy's Snack-Pack, (ips) Egg White Chips, Cinnamon-style, Nairn's Gluten-Free Oat Grahams. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I wish I could offer some perishables.  Hope Foods out of Boulder, CO, makes the best hummus, bar none, and were doling out samples with Way Better Mustard Chips.  Ditto to pizza and ice cream from Amy's and So-Delicious. But such is life.

Enter, and good luck! 


  1. I do my best to focus on whole nutritious foods to manage my Celiac Disease. Nourishing the body is so important to I cook a lot from scratch and with fresh high-quality ingredients. It's an investment in health!

    1. I love that last sentencem Jessica. 'Tis true. Nourishing our bodies is an investment in health!

  2. I try to focus on whole foods. It's not easy though, but its totally worth it!

    1. It isn't always easy! But it can become a habit -- one of the good ones. :) Do you have farm stands / markets near you?


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