Product Review: B-Green Foods Sustains, Beats Wheat Even on a Chef's Palate

Food wreaks havoc, or it heals.  Real food heals. Whole food, fresh food, and an environment treated with respect and an understanding of sustainability heals.

So what is wrong with the world, and FOOD, if 1 in 100 Brits, 1 in 133 Americans has celiac disease?

One thing that is not wrong with food is B-Green Food, a not-so-brand-new company I'm bloody surprised I had never heard of until this weekend at Living Without's Celiac Food Fest and Expo.

B-Green Foods is a firecracker. Organic, non-GMO, full-nutrition -- and full quality -- B-Green offers wholegrain Millet Pasta, Buckwheat Noodles (soba), White and Black Rice Angel Hair Pasta, and Wholegrain Black Rice.

These noodles don't try to mimic wheat-based products. B-Green Food trumps wheat-pastas by a leap and bound. They are uniquely and proudly gluten-free naturally. Real food, whole food, wholly delicious.

In fact, I have not been so pleased with a plate of noodles since I was small, and got hold of my mum's attempt at Pho. The long chewy rice noodles streaming broth made me the happiest toddler tumbling out of her chair -- chewing and sopping in broth. I suppose I hadn't got the palate to test texture or compare taste at that point. But now I have the happy of both: I loved this pasta.

More than that, I love the company's attitude, mission, and business model. Perhaps you can see why from this quote on their website:

" [ our ] mission was, and is, to source traditional and healthy food for people. The ingredients of these foods are, and always shall be, non-GMO, non-artificial, healthy, and environmentally conscious. While completing his graduate education at The University of Nebraska [our founder] Henry learned the importance of sustainable agriculture and the relationship between diseases and diet. "

The relationship between disease and diet -- this isn't just a matter of celiac disease. It applies across the board. I was fortunate to meet Kai, and B-Green reps at the San Diego Living Without Celiac Expo, where I not only got samples to cook, taste and try, but also delved into the background on the different grains  B-Green uses. Millet has been consumed since before wheat became the staff of life, and was just unearthed in a human fossil in the Middle East dated nearly prehistoric (if that's not oxymoronic with the word date). It is highly digestible. Rice's  hypoallergenic construction makes it highly palatable to any consumer; and the whole-grain organic rice sourced by B-Green is an explosion of hearty flavour. It is the farthest removed genetically from wheat of all grains; and its Black Rice heirloom variety has not just the taste, but a wealth of antioxidant power in its pigment. We got history, science, and historically-proven good-gut food here, mates. And B-Green puts it all in the context of quality, nutrition, and pure food-related pleasure in a gluten-free diet.

But they answer more than just a need for high-quality gluten-free food. When I was diagnosed celiac, I wanted an answer to more than just where is the pasta I can eat? I wanted to know why something so ordinary as food should be wreaking Hell on my body, and I wanted a quick-balancing-act fix to both.

Healing and health, celiac or otherwise, are linked to mindful eating, whole foods, and treating both my body and the world with the respect of not filling either carcinogenic chemicals used as pesticides, genetically modified plants to survive those pesticides, and fair-trade, sustainable agricultural practises. 

In San Diego this weekend, B-Green Foods beautifully answered both needs.

If you want the experience of real pasta, but like me, you're looking for real food, not just the sticker-label "g-free", you've got to go B-Green.

They're also nominated for the Natural ExpoWest's "Nexty" Awards. (Tumble off and vote for them -- I did!)

So ready to taste and try and tumble free? Do that next month, and hit a once-in-a-lifetime event in San Diego June 21st. Chef Keegan Gerhard of Food Network fame prefers these gluten-free noodles to all wheat-based pastas despite having no medical need to eat or cook sans gluten himself. He will be cooking and sampling at Williams and Sonoma in San Diego.  (Stay tuned for event details and a proper invite to join Tumbling Gluten Free there!)

What's one of the first hurdles one hits when autoimmune disease strikes? What about food intolerances or allergies? Generally, I suppose, it's OY what is wrong with FOOD?
Well, this brand of noodles sure isn't. This is what to eat: and if you want to try it like I did, hop on over to the recipes post on B-Green's website. Try the Buckwheat Soba with Chard
This is what theirs looked like--mine was not
quite so lovely in the dim light of evening
night after the weekend expo!


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