Recipe: Sweet Tater Breakfast Muffins! (Or What's Your Morning Narrative?)

Breakfast,  I thought wildly, where's breakfast, and can I eat it?

If this is your morning narrative on a travelling expedition, you may be celiac.  But thank heaven for Ireland!

The best place I've yet shared food in is Ireland.  In fact, I sat down to my first properly Irish breakfast with two other women who also had celiac -- and the entire table knew what gluten-free meant in that context.

But that's just to say it was the least knuckle-biting of my travel encounters.  And I planned on having no recourse for food unless I provided it myself. Thus, the Sweet Potato Breakfast Muffin.

I was in Ireland for two weeks for 100 mile (or 150 kilometer, give or take) walk from the North down to Dublin. That sort of thing is no time to be caught without sustenance.  So not only did I stuff my pockets with Rise Bars , my luggage with mini-baked-omelot-egg-cakes, and my backpack with nut butter sandwiches -- I also packed neatly paper-wrapped packages of Sweet Potato Breakfast Muffins.

This day I was so hungry
I topped a split sweet muffin
with egg.  

Compact. Good for a couple of days unfridged. Sweet and chewy. I suppose they're a bit of blend between a crumpet and the American sweet-bread "muffin" so often equated with blueberries -- but they work wonders for on-the-go eating, and they're an excellent blend of protein, carbohydrates, and if you're keen on counting micro-nutrition and vitamins, powerhouse vitamin A packages.

Sweet Potato Muffins (recipe)

1 1/2 C. gluten free flour blend (1 part Oat or Quinoa flakes to 2 parts Teff flour)
1 tbs coconut flour
1/2 C. sweet potato puree (homemade, or tinned)
1 tbs blackstrap molasses
dash stevia
1 tsp cinnamon
1/3 tsp ginger
1 egg (omit if vegan)
1 tbs olive oil or coconut oil
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp baking powder


Beat egg and puree until well blended; add molasses and stevia. Add dry ingredients, then cider vinegar and baking powder. (Vinegar and baking powder should foam.) Mix until just combined -- do NOT blend wholly or over mix. Drop by dollops into muffin cups, and back at 375 F 15-25 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted comes out dry, and muffin tops are springy and risen.

Let sit 10-20 minutes in muffin tin before placing on cooling rack.

I wrapped my finished products in parchment paper, and then plastic wrap for the long flight to the Emerald Isle.

They're pleasantly sticky with the sweet potato, and only get better day's later.  Though you might say that's the appetite of walking-twenty-miles-a-day talking -- isn't! I've eaten them on ordinary walk around the city days as well, and they tasted just as good, and the subtle bite of ginger under the sweet is a perfect counterpoint to the sweet.

What's your morning narrative?  I think we all wake up with thoughts already whittling, wearying, or racking  our minds sometimes -- I woke up in Ireland a few days, half-panicked about breakfast.

Thanks to Sweet Potato Muffins -- and David, a most excellent b&b host who supplied me with 6 soft-boiled eggs after my first rain-whipped, wicked 20 miler in the North -- I calmed the worries, and woke the next morning wild and ready to march.

I suppose I'll be waking early after an all-night-road-trip, wild and ready to, er, blog, fairly soon in San Francisco.  (Join me in person or by checking up on the blog this weekend at the Gluten Free and Allergen Free Expo, Jan 25-26 for gluten free finds, new product reviews, and tips and tweaks for eating on a shoestring!)  

Definitely try my Muffins, and let me know what you think! Two or three in the morning should you keep you on your feet for the long-haul.


  1. Excellent post, and I am so proud of you and your adventure packed life, my friend!


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