Recap Gluten Free Wellness Event 2017, Hartford! (giveaway)

All the way to Hartford from Boston? For good reason!

The day-long Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Event, at the Hartford Holiday Inn September 30th, showcased an array of local food purveyors, and posed as the venue for a wonderful line-up of celiac advocates & health speakers!

I had the privilege of speaking too: Integrating Gut Healing Nutrition into Your Day to Day to Routine. (If you joined me, and would like the slides or notes, just send along an email.)

What's more important than gut healing nutrition and variety if you have celiac?

I think what Nikki's GFAF Wellness Events say so well is that: nothing is -- except community. Eat well. Yes. But don't do it alone.

Highlights of the event were Jen Cuevas's presentation -- her gluten-free recovery story is touching, as well as full of experience extraordinarily helpful to anyone undergoing multiple health and food related illnesses.

But her products, a huge list of paleo, gluten free goods (including CAKE .…

Gut-Healing Tips: Eat It Slowly

When you're hungry, it's hard to eat slowly. When I'm hungry and busy, it's even harder to eat slowly  - and I began lunch with hiking pals a week ago with a busy brain, in a hunger rush, body still flying and in flux.

Gut Healing One-Shots
weekly looks at healing the insides
with food preparation practices, supplements, or other whole life approaches CJ. STOP.

Celiac Disease, as you may know, damages the gut. As an autoimmune disorder, it is directly linked to our body's stress response. But what many people don't know in our rush-mad-product-over-person-culture is that, celiac or not, a rushed meal is an ouch meal on the tum.

Stop, I told myself.

Food is meant to nourish and heal. But goods have to be received before they do us any good.

Science as well as tradition, in tandem with a multitude of anectdotal evidence, show that eating slowly heals and supports digestion.

One aspect of eating slowly that is immediately clear in its digestive good is CHEWING. Amylase…

O! It's a stack! Or, Gluten Free Peach-Raspberry Pancakes

Also, adventure.

I woke with a healthy appetite, and an even healthier disinterest in food, and its myriad possible details. (When one has celiac, food details can become unhealthily large. The trick, mates, is having a life and identity much larger than the detail or the disease.) I didn't want to make breakfast. I wanted to make tracks.

But you can't make tracks without breakfast!

Bloody practical voice.

So since I had a large bowl of shredded zucchini in the fridge, and weekends in the US encourage pancakes...and since I had no gluten free flour in the apartment, but two tubs of protein powder to try and many eggs, I made pancakes.

Gluten Free Squash Pancakes
with Chia Chocolate SunButter Syrup & Raspberries and Peaches

I made too many, and it took long. But I made them again three or four times that week to see how they came out, and they filled a plate each time.

I still think they take too long. If the North Shore, and a hike on the beach, are in the future of the day, …

Boston Gluten-Free: Wildflower Pantry, Brighton

Wildflower Pantry, in the heart of the Brighton neighborhood of Boston, boasts a supplier and product chain of all things local. Even better, if you -- like me -- have celiac disease or a dietary restriction, this little grocery also boasts the double-resource of locally made totally gluten-free goods.

Stroll along one of the two aisles in this tiny shop, and you'll find everything from tea to cheese, pasta to fresh produce. Linger a little longer, and you'll likely be floored by just how many items Keri and her husband manage to fit neatly and cleanly along the walls, in the two small glass-fronted fridges, in the cold case up front -- and you'll likely be just as delighted by the welcoming aesthetic, a front-window nook for events and seating, and the scent of coffee and fresh bread.

I love that Wildflower sources everything from New England. Moreover, I love that they prove that local doesn't mean limited, just as gluten free doesn't mean deprived!

You couldn…

A Celiac & a Gluten-Free Detox, Fun-Style

Why do people pair up detox, diet and gluten-free eating? It's as if to have health, you have to lose joy. But that seems like the opposite of health to me: Health is a matter of mind and matter, and to be healthy, you need a healthy sense of your own tastes, a healthy dose of enjoyment, and a good attitude.

You can't have food you like, enjoyment, or a good attitude if you're slaving under a restrictive food-regime -- whatever it claims about what it'll do for you "in the future". Feeling deprived, and eating mainly because someone else has told you it's the "healthy" option is a recipe for dismally bad health.

As a celiac, I have a prescription for a gluten-free plate. You might too. Maybe you've got diabetes, and that takes sugar right off your list of "to-eats". And this last week, because of my nutritionist consulting and celiac diagnosis, someone asked me for a prescription for a detox plan.


Catholic Celiac: Got Communion?

The recent dust-up regarding Pope Francis's remarks (and decision) regarding the use of so-called gluten-free hosts has rather a crowd of celiac and non-celiac alike up-in-arms. Some -- affronted. Others -- non-plussed. In between, most people seemed at the very least miffed that the pontiff has re-iterated the Catholic Church's always-stance that the Eucharist (and its substance, the communion bread) must be made from -- wheat.

This means gluten.

Perhaps the miffery is high because of the use in some parishes of actually gluten-free hosts.

Celiacs could receive them.

I'm Catholic.

So what would I think if I couldn't receive the Body and Blood of Christ, the "source and summit" of my faith (as the Catechism states)? 

We Catholics do not simply see the act of reception as a communion with the greater Church; as fellowship; as tradition. This is literally God's flesh, and God said to take, and eat, if one wanted to live and be in relationship with Him.

So a…

Gluten Free Expo Worcester Re-Cap!

Meeting others with celiac, or similar dietary prescriptions -- people who understand. Discovering new options in the food-sphere, naturally gluten-free goods or fun re-takes on traditionally gluten-filled foods. Finding new resources, and listening to entrepreneurs and food allergy experts.

That's the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo. What a blast! I always love especially meeting friends, clients, and fellow writers and celiac advocates, because an enormous benefit of these events is the connections they build.

We live better by finding our community. (This is why I love Freedible too.) Celiac Disease can seriously isolate.

I was disappointed to miss a few of the local brands and food curators who are such Boston-standouts for the allergen-free and celiac community!

So check out the highlights below -- (and find the highly recommended local and national no-shows this event, who attended last year):


A favorite, and a company that knows celiac and…