A Celiac Recap of Natural Foods Trade Show Expo West, 2017

I got to go to Expo West this year! the natural foods trade-show that swamps Anaheim each Spring with gluten-free new goods. Wicked w00t to that, because I love to travel -- and it's been 3 years I've missed out due to rotten celiac health. This year, I want to showcase those companies -- and products -- that are truly gluten-free, and thus, celiac safe.

I suppose I go to ExpoWest as a writer and nutritionist. As a social advocate too, looking for those companies that put service & human dignity at the core of their mission. But when it comes to food, I can't go anywhere where I'm not also celiac. It may not be my core identity. But it is a core piece of my life, and when I walk onto a floor full of food, it means I ask a lot of questions.

So read on: When these companies say gluten-free, they're not taking the mickey out of you, because they are 1) purity-tested, 2) certified, and 3) personally and accountably well under 20ppm. (Just ask Zego. Or better yet, s…

Nuttzo Bad If I Do Say So Myself

So much food is naturally gluten free. But is all that edible milieu easily packable, and edible on the road?  Yes! Yes it is easy -- or so I thought recently, quick stream of consciousness before an interview in which I had a ream of questions to cover about the ease of living with celiac disease.

Then I thought: No.

Yes -- now it is.

But was it before? It was not.  I didn't inch away from a 30 minute hop back to my home kitchen post diagnosis. Not for 2 years.

Now I've walked across Ireland with a suitcase full of Nuttzo and honey sandwiches, and a dozen homemade gluten free  sweet tater muffins.

Now I've roadtripped from one side of the States to the other. Now I've spent days on trips, at conferences...

I never knew I could do what I did til I did it, and I never would have thought I could do what I've done except I decided to do it instead of wait to think about why I couldn't.

Celiac disease isn't crippling. Celiac disease is challenging. by nature, th…

[ PRODUCT REVIEW ] Really Big. Gluten-Free Bread. Canyon Bakehouse

When you look for a gluten-free bread, it has to measure up to 3 criteria: size, taste/texture, and structural integrity.

Does it fall apart? Out.

Does it taste like sawdust? Toss-it.

Is it thumbnail-sized? (Or at least...maybe a quarter of the size of regular bread?) Fare thee well.

Multiple loaves now hold up in all 3 levels. But in all honesty, most gluten-free breads are, as far as size, good enough. I don't trip along an aisle in the grocery, pulling out multiple large-loaves. I have celiac, and I get good taste, and good texture...and somewhat small slices, and I haven't much minded because I can make two sandwiches...

...but I can't make oneone of those mad-brilliant stacks that can fit a very large burger. Or anything like a tomato slice and lettuce and falafel, without it all falling out.

But yesterday, there was a sandwich on my plate as I said good-bye to a 5 year old I work with on managing gluten-freedom between his mum's and dad's separate homes.


Gluten Free, and The Repeat Endoscopy

Why is an endoscopy necessary in celiac disease? That's simple. Diagnostically, an intestinal biopsy is the current and only standard for positive identification of CD. (Except for the rare dermatitis herpetiformis diagnoxis with a skin nioody).

So a better question is: why in the world repeat it?

And the answer to that is two-fold:

1] To confirm and guarantee the body has healed and responded to the "GFD".
2] If symptoms persist, to discover WHY.

Both options demonstrate why a follow up endoscopy is important self care for the celiac.

Celiac Disease is a medical condition. Nor only that, celiac is still a baby on the block in terms of treatment, research, and professional understanding. The "Gluten Free Diet",, despite grab-bag assumptions isn't a cure. The  gluten free diet is a treatment. For celiacs,  celiac disease persists whatever diet they follow. Symptoms and damage are controlled by going gluten free. But maintaining a gluten-free plate,  while ne…

Is It Breakfast Though? Crunchy-Fluffy French Toast Pancakes (Gluten-Free)

“Well you can’t have both chewy--fluffy, and crunchy, at the same time.”
“Yes,” I said, “I can.”"Is it breakfast though?"

My friend – not gluten-free and very dubious – just shook his head.
But I can tell you one thing: Life gives me tons of things I can’t have both ways, especially living with celiac disease. But crunchy-fluffy breakfast is not one of them. I’ve proved it.
I’ve been waking up in Boston to cold that’s bone-brittle; and bone-seeping. I turn the oven on to warm things. But somehow, the frost on the window isn’t just outside – it’s Winter, and a body knows Winter from the inside as much as out. Winter is dangerous, and Winter is old, and Winter means – to the deep-down old places in our minds and bodies – go deep, stay warm, nourish well.
Perhaps not so long ago, and even still, those messages help us survive. Better than that, I think those messages help me thrive -- if I listen.

I wake, and I’m hungry, and I wouldn’t touch a cold bowl of gluten-free cereal …

You've Got...Gluten-Free Mail? Or, How-To Travel, Live, Explore, Celiac

You've got mail! how much? What about brain mail? Is it overflowing the basket, out the box, trailing down the all the demands and communications DEMAND without STOP?

My brain feels this way having celiac sometimes.

How many new things do you need to keep track of with celiac?

Life takes maintenance. The root word for that in Old French means "protection" or "to keep in being
. In Latin, it means "to take hold of/take in hand".  In Spanish, mantenar means to drive or navigate.

Maintenance then, in sum means taking-a-hand-in your life. 
Life is wild enough as it is, isn't? Then Celiac adds a few...maybe a few dozen...additional weather patterns, routes, navigational tools to track and use. Additions themselves aren't negative. But any addition to life requires time, attention, and energy.

Some say we have infinite potential. But a few things we don't have in infinity are time, attentio…

Garden of Life: Raw, Green, Creamy, and Gluten-Free Protein

Garden of Life produces an array of protein supplements -- but their first and most basic product line has just been updated. Oh has it been updated! Vegan  and gluten-free -- raw, organic, sprouted -- and utterly free of fillers and preservatives, the RAW proteins have always had the best ingredients, and top of the line manufacturing  The first generation -- in flavours of Vanilla, Raw Cacao, Coffee, and Chai --  provided a unique variety to the supplement options for both dairy and gluten-free needs. But what about the consistency? The blendability? All that jazz?

The first gen formula was chalky. Popped in a smoothie, it was always wicked good. But if you needed to whip it into milk or water, it wasn't quite up to speed. Close. But no Cuban, as they say. But I loved them all the same, because my celiac gut could assimilate the extraordinary spectrum of plant-based nutrition in their sprouted, probiotic-packed powder.

But chalky no more! Garden of Life hits every note in perfect…