Recipe: Chia Chai Pumpkin Mousse, & Gluten Free Griddle Cakes

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Every year when Winter whips in, the kitchen is cold, and even when it warms up with the oven on or  the heat seeping up from the lower-neighbour's flat, it isn't the time to eat cold too.

Bodies, I think, know that cold is dangerous in the Northeast.

Probably because it is.

Nu Naturals, a lovely little family-owned company I met while visiting California for work last year, makes syrups that are gluten-free and vegan. Since I have a dairy-protein-allergy on top of celiac, this is a wicked boon to me; and I spent a few mornings making warm food and playing with the Chair, Cocoa, and Pumpkin Spice syrups, along with the cocoa powder and my own chia seeds.

Also, egg white protein, because I got a bloody good deal on a heap of it off of Amazon from another celiac-safe company, Now Foods.

Anyhow, warm eats are celiac-can't-be-beats. (Didn't you know warm food is easier on the guts?)

This Chi…

Gluten-Free Treatment Worse Than the Disease? Celiac Chat on Life

I didn’t think Celiac Disease was a disability when I lived as a freelancer, consulting with families and individuals on nutrition. My day necessarily dealt with my, and others’, meals and thoughts about food. I didn't want to think of it as a disability when I was first diagnosed either, because too much grief lay in that; and after all, eating gluten free is a straightforward prescription. Prior to my freelancing, I was a student, working part-time, in a gluten-free bubble, traveling carefully or never at all.
Isn’t it easy as anything to swim in and out of all the gluten-free gregariousness online, and live in a bubble of FOOD, SAFE FOOD, HOW DO YOU MAKE FOOD
...and yet, does the ordinary individual with celiac have the bubble of time to live like that -- like people blog and pin and tweet and post?
I recently finished my graduate studies in philosophy, put my nutrition business on stand-by (I’ve kept clients but am not soliciting more), and transitioned into a full…

Gut Healing Tips: Fall Food, Warm Colours, Eat the Rainbow of the Foliage

When the dark sets in, especially in the North, the cold comes too. In Boston, the sky begins to slump in like Atlas's shoulders -- broad and bowed; and the air and sounds of the city become muffled. Cold creates a physical foreboding. After all, cold like you get in Winter is deadly.

Even with the modern shelter and heating we have, the cold closes in like predator.

O smacking and wackings on the poor tender head! or gut, though Gurgi (in Prydain Chronicles) doesn't mention it; but then, the poor blighter didn't have celiac.

This reading celiac kid-cum-nutritionist has celiac, and I have enough smackings and wackings on my poor tender gut without the additional distress of plunging cold, and sunlessness, to batter it more.

As I paged through a book at lunch last week, celiac thoughts and experience intermingling with the narrative, I read the words rest, & stew, & warm waft of something golden and simmering. The characters were exhausted, and had come to rest. Hung…

When Celiac Could Be Cured -- Or Not?

a celiac cure in the offing? 
"I'm holding out for when I can eat a big gluten-ful muffin."

I wasn't. Am not.

My friend has celiac too, but he was thinking cure and rage rage against the dying of the light. I wasn't.

What a ton of unpleasant bricks, I thought: because I had unconsciously stuck myself square into the idea that my disease was normal.
How comfortable should I be with a disease? Where is the line between acceptance and ingenuity -- and bleak resignation?

"There are lots of things just as good gluten-free," he said after that, "But somethings just were meant to a have gluten. And so was I."

Logically, he's right. No one's body, functioning in health, tries to murder its small intestine when it detects gluten -- that's madness. We were meant to be able to eat gluten without an autoimmune response (regardless of what you think about its other qualities).

The exchange left me with many questions, and a lot of anger, and fr…

Recap Gluten Free Wellness Event 2017, Hartford! (giveaway)

All the way to Hartford from Boston? For good reason!

The day-long Gluten Free Allergen Free Wellness Event, at the Hartford Holiday Inn September 30th, showcased an array of local food purveyors, and posed as the venue for a wonderful line-up of celiac advocates & health speakers!

I had the privilege of speaking too: Integrating Gut Healing Nutrition into Your Day to Day to Routine. (If you joined me, and would like the slides or notes, just send along an email.)

What's more important than gut healing nutrition and variety if you have celiac?

I think what Nikki's GFAF Wellness Events say so well is that: nothing is -- except community. Eat well. Yes. But don't do it alone.

Highlights of the event were Jen Cuevas's presentation -- her gluten-free recovery story is touching, as well as full of experience extraordinarily helpful to anyone undergoing multiple health and food related illnesses.

But her products, a huge list of paleo, gluten free goods (including CAKE .…

Gut-Healing Tips: Eat It Slowly

When you're hungry, it's hard to eat slowly. When I'm hungry and busy, it's even harder to eat slowly  - and I began lunch with hiking pals a week ago with a busy brain, in a hunger rush, body still flying and in flux.

Gut Healing One-Shots
weekly looks at healing the insides
with food preparation practices, supplements, or other whole life approaches CJ. STOP.

Celiac Disease, as you may know, damages the gut. As an autoimmune disorder, it is directly linked to our body's stress response. But what many people don't know in our rush-mad-product-over-person-culture is that, celiac or not, a rushed meal is an ouch meal on the tum.

Stop, I told myself.

Food is meant to nourish and heal. But goods have to be received before they do us any good.

Science as well as tradition, in tandem with a multitude of anectdotal evidence, show that eating slowly heals and supports digestion.

One aspect of eating slowly that is immediately clear in its digestive good is CHEWING. Amylase…

O! It's a stack! Or, Gluten Free Peach-Raspberry Pancakes

Also, adventure.

I woke with a healthy appetite, and an even healthier disinterest in food, and its myriad possible details. (When one has celiac, food details can become unhealthily large. The trick, mates, is having a life and identity much larger than the detail or the disease.) I didn't want to make breakfast. I wanted to make tracks.

But you can't make tracks without breakfast!

Bloody practical voice.

So since I had a large bowl of shredded zucchini in the fridge, and weekends in the US encourage pancakes...and since I had no gluten free flour in the apartment, but two tubs of protein powder to try and many eggs, I made pancakes.

Gluten Free Squash Pancakes
with Chia Chocolate SunButter Syrup & Raspberries and Peaches

I made too many, and it took long. But I made them again three or four times that week to see how they came out, and they filled a plate each time.

I still think they take too long. If the North Shore, and a hike on the beach, are in the future of the day, …